Adapted paddle, a booming sport

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Adapted paddle is a booming sport. It is played with traditional paddle racket and ball but on a wheelchair which has modified the game rules in some aspects. It enables people with a spinal cord injury to play comfortably.

To legalize the games rules has favoured the growth of adapted paddle. In addition, it supports social integration and sportsmen and women independence.

Benefits of adapted paddle

One of its main benefits is that it helps players to keep healthy, strong and fit and it also favours social integration.

It is also beneficial for rehab in spinal cord injuries.

Learning to play is an easy task which boosts sportsmen and women’s interest on this sport and favours a reward feeling.

Chairs used to play are sport chairs which make the game easier and are safer.

Adapted paddle rules

Rules are similar to those on traditional paddle since the score system and game times are the same. However, there are some changes:

The ball can be bounced three times in adapted paddle whereas only two bounces are allowed in traditional paddle.

The court must have at least two entrances.

The wheelchair is considered a part of the player so it cannot be touched by the ball or another player.

The player who serves cannot move or change position before serving. Slight movement of the wheels are not considered a foul. Serving cannot be done over the shoulders height.

On the other hand, the front wheels of the chair cannot step on the base or centreline.

In addition, players cannot use the racket to bounce the ball during the serving.

If the chair needs repairing, the time can be paused and the repairing cannot be longer than ten minutes.

Adapted paddle has been greatly welcomed and has become more famous over the time due to the great variety of advantages it offers.

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